Hey June!  I love that you’re my Birthday Month (hey!) and that you were actually pretty fun this year. Your weather was great – not too hot, not too cold … just right. And your favorites were pretty awesome for me too!

  1. Game of Thrones!  Season 6 had some slow moments but it was pretty satisfying and I’m a total R+L=J fan (SO happy with the season finale!).  If you aren’t up to speed I suggest you catch up because the next two (and final, what what?) Seasons are gonna be amazing!  Absolutely one of the best Seasons in the series!
  2. My Fitbit Blaze!  I was completely in love with my Flex and now I’m over the moon with my Blaze!  I swear I check this baby more times that I’ve ever checked my Flex and I’m sort of obsessed with my heart rate, which by the way it a 67bpm average.  Definitely a treat that I’ve been loving.
  3. Retroseries Ice Cream Maker – it’s freakin’ awesome!  If you’ve never had homemade ice cream then you are completely and totally missing out.  I’ve gone so far as to almost renounce all store bought ice cream.  It’s smooth, creamy and has just the right amount of flavor and it’s really not that much hard work.  Vanilla and Coffee Ice Creams are my favorite to make but I’m still trying to perfect the ultimate Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

What were your favorites this month?

If you have any delicious tried and true Homemade Ice Cream recipes I’d love for you to share them below!

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