Hi, July!  You were pretty good to me this year and ushered in some new favorites and reacquainted me with some oldies but goodies.  You were thrilling and refreshing, and I like that in a month, ya know?

  1. Stranger Things – Holy Cow, I LOVED this show!  So nostalgic for an 80’s kid like me AND the story line, actors, etc were amazing!  I can’t wait for Season 2 next year and (SPOILER ALERT) I totally think Will is going to feel the side affects of his time in the Upside-Down.  Did you tune in and love it too?!
  2. Pokémon!  Between Pokémon Go, Pokémon TV Series and the slew of Pokémon DS games, we have been Poké’d up since July.  My daughter is now the proud owner of 1,287 Pokémon plushies / toys etc that have overtaken our home.  Oy vey!
  3. Starbucks Iced Coffees – I am a Starbucks lover and this is the first year that I tried and enjoyed their Iced Coffees.  My drink of choice that carried me through July was the following tongue twister … Decaf Grande Skinny Mocha … sometimes with Peppermint Syrup if I was feeling frisky.

And now for the most important question in the history of this blog … what Team did you join in Pokémon Go?!?!  We are Team Mystic all the way, baby!

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