Hi, guys! Here are my August Favorites …

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1. Steven Universe … “We … are the Crystal Gems!” … anyone else absolutely love that intro? I sing along with it each time and have even thought about making it my ringtone a few times. I love how this show doesn’t shy away from talking about relationships, feeling, family, etc. The show is beautifully drawn and the voice acting and singing is great!

2. Sewing Pokémon Pokéballs – what can I say, I know my way around a Pokéball, ha. Seriously though, we’ve been caught up in the Pokémon bug and I’ve been doing my best to sew up a few different Pokéballs for my daughter and nephews. So far they’ve been a hit!

3. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, baby! Need I say anything more? It is one of THE BEST ice cream flavors in the universe! I did kick off one of my birthdays a few years back by eating Ice Cream for breakfast but I quickly realized that it was a bad idea …

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