Some of my April 2016 Favorites are …

April Favorites_Jenny Citino

1.My Luna Lovegood Funko Pop!  I love ALL of my Harry Potter Funko Pops but my lovely Luna is near and dear to my heart (especially as a fellow Ravenclaw).

2.Embroidery!  I took a brief break from creating and have thrown myself head first into my craft again.  I’ve rediscovered my love for embroidery and have been enjoying the process of creating with thread again and it’s fantastic.

3.Playing Cards, mostly Poker Rummy.  I don’t always win but it’s a crazy fun game that we love playing in our family.

4.Washi tape.  I put it on everything (except my Pops) and goodness is it so satisfiying.  Well, my bills don’t get washi tape … those bloodsuckers get enough from me already!

What are your favorites from last month?

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